Presenting at ASEE – Project Survivability:Antifragile

On February 18th, I will be presenting at the annual conference of ASEE:DFW in Dallas, Texas on the topic of Project Survivability:Antifragile.  This is my first time appearing with this group.  A friend is one of their officers and a former colleague is also presenting this year after a successful presentation last year.

I will be presenting on how to create an Antifragile project and team, and to thrive in an industry and profession with a lot of innate volatility.  Instead of ignoring it, or worse yet “planning” for it, perhaps the way to deal with the unknown and risk is to create a system that can gain from this type of environment and thrive on the challenges and learning potential it presents.

The presentation is based on the book Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.  Thanks also to Henrico Dolfing, whom I met in Munich, for some great ideas and guidance based on his experience on how to best deal with volatility.