2020 Travel Recap

Obviously, 2020 saw a huge dip in travel, thanks COVID. But here are the stats nonetheless for what little travel I did do. I did get the opportunity to visit Berlin/Tegel before it shut down, as everything has moved over to the new airport, Brandenburg (BER).

This year also saw me fly Southwest more than any other airline, a first since 2014. It also means DAL unseated DFW as my most common airport.

Miles: 17,899 (-22,732)
Segments: 13 (-20)
Time Spent: 42h 23m (-60h 58m)
New Aircraft: None
New Airlines: None
New Airports: Berlin, Tegel (TXL)
Most Common Aircraft: 737-700 (5 segments)
Most Common Airline: Southwest (4 segments)
Most Common Airport: DAL (4 segments)
Most Common Non-Directional Route: 3 way tie: DFW <-> LHR, DAL <-> CHS, DAL <-> DCA (2 each)

Here is the flight map: