2018 Travel Recap

2018 travel picked up a lot from 2017. And, as expected there was international travel again for Scrum Gathering in London.

Miles: 38,727 (+24,165)
Segments: 36 (+26)
Time Spent: 102h 31m (+66h 49m)
New Aircraft: Boeing 787-9, Airbus A340-600
New Airlines: None
New Airports: Jacksonville (JAX), Daytona Beach (DAB), Idaho Falls (IDA), Cleveland (CLE)
Most Common Aircraft: 737-800 (11 segments)
Most Common Airline: American Airlines (26 segments)
Most Common Airport: DFW (25 segments)
Most Common Non-Directional Route: 12-way tie

Here is my domestic map:

And the international map: