2015 Travel Recap

So, 2015 had even more miles in aircraft than 2014, including some trips that had some more direct routes available, but I chose based on aircraft type or airline.  Segments were way down, but miles were up, as there was a lot more long haul this year.  The numbers in parentheses are the delta from last year.

Miles: 69.424 (+12,532)
Segments: 62 (-45)
Time Spent: 168h 4m (+20h 48m)
New Aircraft: 777-300ER, 747-8, A380, 787-8, E-175
New Airlines: Lufthansa
New Airports: Frankfurt, Pensacola, Birmingham
Most Common Aircraft: 737-700 (16 segments)
Most Common Airline: Southwest (36 segments)
Most Common Airport: Dallas Love Field (27 segments)
Most Common Non-Directional Route: Dallas – Houston (4 segments)

Here is my domestic map:


And my international map: